Without Form Space

January - February 2022

Without Form is a new virtual exhibition space which will showcase the experimental work of London College of Communications students and alumni. It will house a series of curated exhibitions throughout the year each responding to a specific brief set by the exhibitions team at London College of Communication. The intention is to use the space to promote the different disciplines and the diversity of work undertaken across the college, encouraging discourse and an open dialogue between the college, students, partners and members of the public.

Its creation has been a collaboration between OPX Studio, the developers Mallard and Claret, the London College of Communication Exhibitions Team and recently graduated students from the Information and Interface Design course. Each member of the team brought a different discipline and perspective to the project.

Our collective ambition was to design and build a site which was both environmentally sustainable and inline with the University of Arts London accessibility standards.

The challenge was how to create a low impact, accessible site – without compromising the experience.

Dark Mode

This will switch the site between ‘mostly white’ to ‘mostly black’. Turning this on reduces energy consumption.

Simplified Layout

This switch will disable non-essential code and remove javascript animations, helping to reduce C02 consumption during your visit.

Bitmap images

All images will appear as low res bitmaps by default to help reduce energy consumption during your visit. Switch this off to view images in hi-res.

Type size

Use the plus/minus to increase/decrease the size of the text. This has no effect on energy use.