GLOMAR A Speculative Vision into an Eco-Sustainable Future

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GLOMAR started by taking an expansive perspective of the question 'what will the future hold for us as humans'. Through rigorous research, I began connecting the dots between the huge infrastructures that shape our lives from capitalism, to technology, to identity, to fashion.

Watch GLOMAR here.


Observing the relationship between all of these mammoth subjects, it felt like the natural world was being pushed out - ignored. GLOMAR, became a film exploring this ignorance of the natural world. At a time when it is becoming more clear that resources are running out, where politics and money refuse to turn back the clock, out future begins to look less and less appealing.

Using a virtual reality headset in my film, I argue that technology blinds us from the reality of our environment. As the planet becomes increasingly harder to live in, our screens become the distraction we do need. Therefore, GLOMAR, presents the future as neither utopian, nor dystopian - but rather a purgatory to a near ending of civilisation as we know it. The finer details of any creative project are rarely discussed but as in any project, they are the most realising aspects.

I worked with an American sound engineer to create sound that is synthesised by electrical currents passing through plants and fungi. The aim of this was to create a distinct connection between natural and artificial. Using fashion as the basis for this project, I was incredibly inspired by the work of Freya Newsome whose work has this feeling of abandoned and discarded materials revived into new pieces. I was lucky enough to collaborate with these individuals whose work initially shaped my thinking for this project.

The name of the project, GLOMAR, is a term coined by the CIA meaning to neither confirm nor deny. As discussed earlier, this film looked at the current sociological climate and its ignorance to the environment - and this word is a heavily politicised word typically used to get out of giving a straight answer. For me, GLOMAR is an unfinished series and will continue to develop over time.

Special thanks to the incredible team: Cinematography by Nastassia Winge Styled by Jolin Tung Fashion assistant Eve Bowden Makeup Lara Nasamu Hair by Alberto Papparotto Sound by Tarun Nayar Production by Beyond Photography Model is Gartruche signed at iDAL Fashion by Freyja Newsome, Jie Hu, Rika Kim, Tamara Frances Djandash


Ryan Blackwell is a Liverpool born image and film maker. The creative's work explores the relationship between technology and the social environment. Ryan is also the co-founder and Co-Creative Director of Beyond Photography and a recent graduate of MA Design for Art Direction at London College of Communication. Currently, Ryan works and resides in London. 

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