Operation Oasis A 3D simulation game about fighting desertification

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Operation Oasis is a 3D single-player real-time strategic simulation game about fighting against desertification by forestation and technological developments. By providing players with an immersive experience of challenges faced in fighting desertification, we hope that they would gain more knowledge of the issue and its solutions, and appreciate the hard work done to protect our beautiful environment.



Desertification has been a major environmental issue in many countries, and fighting desertification is an arduous journey. Operation Oasis is mainly inspired by the real world. The gameplay and game arts are designed with reference to many textbooks and research papers on afforestation and desertification control. The real challenges of afforestation in the desert are reflected in the gameplay, translated into our original game systems such as Desertification Index, Water Flow, and Soil Salinity.   

Artistic Considerations 

From the plants effective in desertification control, we chose the most representative and aesthetically pleasing ones and produced their 3D models for the game. There are 6 variations for each plant-from seedling to adulthood, from healthy to dehydrated and deceased.   We combined green elements with a sci-fi style for the UI design to emphasize the importance of technological development in desertification control. We designed more than 40 original icons for each unlockable research item and gameplay function.   


The player’s goal is to reduce the Desertification Index to zero through afforestation. There are 3 types of regions of different difficulty levels: Semi Desert Region, Desert Region, and Saline Region. This game has 4 modes with variations in terms of the gameplay: Simulation Mode, Endless Mode, Challenge Mode, and Customization Mode. 


We are a team of 6 undergraduate students, passionate about environmental protection. The team is comprised of 1 game designer, 2 game artists and 3 game programmers. 

List of Core Members:

Fan Kerong (Keren). Game Designer. University of the Arts London, Animation.

Zhang Boyang (Brian). Game Artist. University of the Arts London, Animation.

Guo Minghao (Tyler). Game Artist. University of the Arts London, Animation.

Shi Zheng. Game Programmer. University of Sydney, Software Development.

Zhang Chunjie. Game Programmer. Singapore University of Technology and Design, Computer Science and Design.

Liu Yuxuan. Game Programmer. Communication University of China, Art and Technology (Digital Entertainment). 

To see more of Kerong Fan’s work visit:

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